An Introduction to South Asian America

Our Stories

South Asian American stories are not taught in classrooms, found in textbooks, or reflected in popular media. We can change that.

For the last thirteen years, SAADA has worked to document, preserve, and share stories from the South Asian American community.

Now, for the first time, South Asian American stories can be on bookshelves in homes, schools, and libraries across the country.

With stories spanning from the 1780s to the present day and bringing together the voices of sixty-four authors, Our Stories: An Introduction to South Asian America demonstrates the diversity, vibrancy, and power of the South Asian American community.

Where are Our Stories?

It is our goal to have Our Stories in homes, schools, and libraries all across the country!

The map below shows you our progress toward that goal. See how many copies of Our Stories are in your city, find a local school or library with Our Stories in their collection, or search for your school, college, or public library and send them a copy!


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SAADA is a community-supported 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your donation helps us ensure that South Asian Americans are reflected in the American story: past, present, and future.